First-ever EP “Je Ne Veux Pas” now available in digital format!

Vive la Fete - Je ne veux pas

Je ne veux pas

It all started back in 1998 with the EP Je Ne Veux Pas. Els and Danny, freshly in love, recorded their mutual love for music, electronics, romance and catchy beats and shared it with the world. The CD quickly sold out and even though it was repressed a few years later, it has been unavailable for many years. The title track was re-recorded in 2000 for Vive La Fête‘s first full lenght album Attaque Surprise, but nothing beats the original version.

The entire Je Ne Veux Pas EP has now been made available in glorious digital format through Bandcamp. Download in your preferred format, either lossless or hi-quality mp3.

Vive la Fête at The Ball de la Rose in Monaco, 2002

After playing exclusive shows on the catwalk for Chanel in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Las Vegas, Vive la Fête was invited to open The Ball de la Rose in Monaco in Match 17, 2002. Initiated by Karl Lagerfeld, for whom the band had played the catwalks shows, Vive la Fête opened the dance party, after concerts by Marianne Faithfull and The Ringo Starr Allstar Band.

For the opening dance, Princess Caroline of Monaco requested a cover version of the Rolling Stones classic ‘Angie’. With Mick Jagger present among the guests of the annual fundraising event, Vive la Fête played an impressive and sexy version of the song which set the mood for the rest of the evening. Being in the world of the rich and famous, Els changed the lyrics from ‘Angie’ to ‘Angel’, referring to the magic of The Ball de la Rose and host of the ball, Princess Caroline of Monaco, in particular.

Amateur footage of the Vive la Fête set at The Ball de la Rose recently surfaced from the vaults of Danny Mommens.

Vive la Fete with Ex PornStar Cicciolina

On November 29, 2003 Els and Danny performed at the notorious Ex Pornstar party in Amsterdam. Vive la Fête shared the bill of this extravagant event with the legendary Cicciolina, aka Ilona Staller. Staller is famous for being both an e member of the Italian parliament and, literally, an ex-pornstar. After her carreer in the adult film industry, she went on to politics to put love on the political agenda.

At the Ex PornStar event, Cicciolina performed semi-live and sung a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes”. A partial video of her performance can be found on YouTube. The clip stops halfway, as the rest didn’t pass the YouTube guidelines. Look at her dress and imagine what could happen… (and yes, it did).

Earlier that day, Els and Danny, together with Cicciolina, went to a TV studio in Hilversum (the Netherlands) to perform a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ on the – prerecorded – late night television show Barend & van Dorp. The idea was to have Cicciolina sing a duet with Vive la Fete, but in the end it was mainly Els singing and improvising, with Cicciolina attempting to remember the words of the verse. They decided to keep it by this unique, one-time collaboration and not repeat the act at the Ex PornStar party the same night.

Vive la Fete at Ex PornStar without Cicciolina

Highlight of the Ex Pornstar party was the performance of Els and Danny as Vive la Fete. Without their extended band, they took the stage as a duo and played five songs. All five tracks of their sizzling show are now available for the first time -and we put them on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure! So check it out:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Touche Pas
  3. Noir Desir
  4. Maquillage
  5. (encore:) AC

Vive la Fête with Tom Tom Club

In 2004, Vive la Fête performed at the 2nd anniversary party of record store La La Land music. The shop has always been very supportive of the band, and it made sense for Vive la Fête to play at this wild party. Special guests this night were Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads fame, also friends of the owners of La La Land Music. As a special treat, Danny performed Talking Heads’ classic Psycho Killer together with Chris and Tina, who co-wrote the song back in 1975. Exclusive video footage of this once in a lifetime performance was recently discovered and edited into this unique and super-rare video.