Danny Mommens, guitarist for Vive la Fete, released a brand new ep with rock songs under the name Hell6. In a recent interview with Dutch music blog KindaMuzik (in Dutch) he told Hell6 is a Do-It-Yourself project in which he can ventilate his mind and emotions.

Danny Mommens recorded all tracks himself at his home studio in the south of Belgium. Without help form his Vive la Fete bandmates, there was no room for compromises. Musically, the project is heavily influenced by hardrock bands like Led Zepelin and AC/DC.

Danny Mommens about Hell6

“I wrote the lyrics first – they are the most important”, Mommens said. “I kept the music simple, it helps to get the message clear”. Personal frustrations are at the base of all sic tracks. “Some of the songs are directly targetted at certain people form my past. I won’t reveal any names, but I want them to know that I know where they live”. Besides personal grudges, Mommens is also concerned about animal rights and wellness. After seeying the documentary The Cove, about the way dolphin hunting is part of Japanese culture, he wrote a song about it to express his feelings on the subject.

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