Two Vive la Fête remixes on Ep Macho Diva

Macho Diva EP with two remixes by Vive la Fête

Vive la Fête remixed two tracks for Macho Diva, the anarchic queer electro-wave project of Mima and Spacemaker.

After five years of live gigs, doubt, activism, sadness, and revolt, the comrades of Macho Diva release their much-anticipated mini album Fetishista Kommunista.
A musical troika supported the creation of this great release: Vive la Fête remixed two tracks with great results, Rude 66 was also on remix duty and delivered a smashing electro-disco punk mix. All other tracks are produced by Venderstrooik.

Fetishista Kommunista is available on red vinyl from the Macho Diva Bandcamp page as well as on your favorite streaming platform.

All rights reserved (C) Vive La Fete