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Viva le fete Els Pynoo danny Mommens

For many years now, Vive la Fête has ensured an exciting musical party on stage. Since 1997, the Belgian band of Danny Mommens (ex-bass player of dEUS) and Els Pynoo has been bringing danceable electro-rock, with a touch of kitsch and some new wave and French chanson lurking in the background.

From Monaco to Brazil

In 2002, the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld meets the couple and is charmed by their music and their looks. This gives green light to the international adventure of Vive la Fête: fashion shows of Chanel in Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan and Paris, the posh Bal de la Rose in Monaco and the face of Chilli Beans in Brazil.

Still going strong after 25 years

A lot happened since, and 25 years later Els & Danny still travel the world to set stages on fire with their exciting and completely unique shows. The solid live-fame of the band is taking the five-headed cast to festivals and catwalks at home and abroad: from Sweden to Tenerife, from Russia to Colombia, from Lowlands to Roskilde…

Back catalogue sorted out

In 2020 Els and Danny started sorting out their entire back catalogue. Going through the albums and singles they came across some unreleased materials and unfinished demos that are now available for listeners in the form of digital re-releases of all their albums. The ‘special edition’ are available on all major streaming and download platforms.

Going through the archives gave inspiration for the creation of Viva Alternativa: A brand new album, released in digital format and, by popular demand, on a strictly limited edition CD. Viva Alternativa contains a juicy collection of new songs, electrifying reworks, surprising cover versions and exciting new remixes. Some of these tracks have been released before, but are hard to find. Viva Alternativa brings it all together for you to enjoy and dance to!

The return to the stage

After sitting at home at their farm in the south-west of Belgium during the Corona era, Vive la Fête could hit the stages again in 2021. The long post-poned show at Antwerp’s De Roma was like a magic gathering of the band and their fans. The entire concert was recorded and will be released early 2023. Meanwhile, the albums first single of Je Ne Veux Pas (Live) was released on September 6 2022, 25 years after the original version came out on the bands first-ever EP…


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