Feux d'artifice

New Vive la Fête EP Feux d’Artifice out now

Vive la Fête’s brand new EP Feux d’Artifice features four covers of some of Els and Danny’s all-time favorite songs. The tracks have been recorded early 2020 and finished in the past few weeks during the lockdown at Vive la Fête’s homestudio in Belgium.

Amoureux Solitaires

Bubblegum classic Amoureux Solitaires was originally released in 1980 by Lio. Vive la Fête played a live cover of another one of Lio’s hits, Banana Split, often during encores of their concerts. Lio once attended a VLF concert in Brussels, where Banana Split was played as well, but unfortunately nobody told Els and Danny that Lio was right there watching from the side of the stage.

Fade to Grey

Also originally from 1980, Fade to Grey was the second single by Visage, the new romantics band founded by Midge Ure and Rusty Egan. The lyrics are half french / half english, which makes it a perfect track for Els and Danny to cover. They played the song live often in the early days of Vive la Fête but never recorded it before.

Les Marionnettes

Les Marionnettes dates back to 1965, when it as a big hit in France for Christophe (Daniel Bevilacque). Last year, Els and Danny worked with Christophe on a new version of the song for his duets album Christophe Etc. (Vol 2). Just before his death earlier this spring Vive la Fête finished their own version of the song, which they released as a tribute to the legacy of Christophe with a special home-made video.

Porque te Vas

The final track on Feux d’Artifice is Vive la Fête’s new version of the Spanish song Porque te Vas, best known in the 1974 version by British/Spanish singer Jeanette. Els and Danny have recorded a version of this song before, but for the new EP they made a brand new version. The video for Porque te Vas premiered on May 22 2020.
Feux d’Artifice released on all major streaming and download platforms on May 26 2020.

Les Marionnettes

New video Les Marionnettes

A couple of months ago we worked together with our dear friend and colleague Christophe (Daniel) Bevilacqua to create a new version of Les Marionnettes.
The original release was planned for the kick of show of the new Vive la Fete 2.2-tour in de Roma, which we had to cancel due to the Corona crisis.
Unfortunately, our dear friend Christophe passed away last week.
To honor Christophe and our friendship, we have deceided to release the video of our collaboration Les Marionnettes on YouTube today.
Christophe, it was an honor to work with you – thank you for the beautiful experiences and our much cherished collaboration!
Els & Danny

Vive la Fete - Destination Amour signed

Order your signed copy of the new Vive la fete album “Destination Amour”

Vive la Fete’s new album Destination Amour was release on CD on March 27, 2018. The album is exclusively available on CD on this website only. Order NOW and get your CD signed in person by Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens!

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Tracklisting Destination Amour

1. A Paris
2. Toute la Nuit
3. Tourterelle
4. Samedi Soir
5. Mots Bleus
6. Impossible Amour
7. Destination Amour
8. Couche-toi
9. Pousse Pas
10. Fous de Tout
11. C’est Débile
12. Jamais Oublier
13. Destination Amour – Monks Mix (Bonus track)

Order your signed copy of Destination Amour now for only EUR 22,99 ** Includes world wide shipping!

Destination Amour

Possible questions you may have:

Q: How much is shipping to my country?
A: Worldwide shipping is included in this special offer!

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A: When the signed CDs are sold out, you will no longer be able to order it. We will not send you an unsigned copy if you ordered a signed one.

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A: No problem, you can order an untouched copy of Destination Amour from our webhop. You will regret this eventually, but it’s up to you 😉

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Q: Will Destination Amour be released on vinyl?
A: That’s the plan, but we don’t have a release date yet.

Q: Can I get a personalized message on my signed copy of the CD?
A: Unfortunately, that’s not possible as Els & Danny signed the CD’s already.

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First-ever EP “Je Ne Veux Pas” now available in digital format!

Vive la Fete - Je ne veux pas

Je ne veux pas

It all started back in 1998 with the EP Je Ne Veux Pas. Els and Danny, freshly in love, recorded their mutual love for music, electronics, romance and catchy beats and shared it with the world. The CD quickly sold out and even though it was repressed a few years later, it has been unavailable for many years. The title track was re-recorded in 2000 for Vive La Fête‘s first full lenght album Attaque Surprise, but nothing beats the original version.

The entire Je Ne Veux Pas EP has now been made available in glorious digital format through Bandcamp. Download in your preferred format, either lossless or hi-quality mp3.