Vive la Fete’s new album Destination Amour is due for release on CD on March 27, 2018. The first copies will be signed in person by Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens! The signed CD’s are exclusively available through the website.

Pre-order your signed copy of Destination Amour now for only EUR 22,99 ** Includes world wide shipping!

Tracklisting Destination Amour

1. A Paris
2. Toute la Nuit
3. Tourterelle
4. Samedi Soir
5. Mots Bleus
6. Impossible Amour
7. Destination Amour
8. Couche-toi
9. Pousse Pas
10. Fous de Tout
11. C’est Débile
12. Jamais Oublier
13. Destination Amour – Monks Mix (Bonus track)

Pre-order your signed copy of Destination Amour now for only EUR 22,99 ** Includes world wide shipping!

Destination Amour

Possible questions you may have:

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: We will ship out orders on first come, first serve basis. The CD will be released on March 27, we will ship as soon as we can after that date.

Q: How much is shipping to my country?
A: Worldwide shipping is included in this special offer!

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. Are there alternative ways to order a copy of the CD and pay for it?
A: Yes, you can order a copy by sending payment to one of these bank accounts:
Europe: EUR 22,99 to IBAN: DE89 7001 1110 6050 2362 08 / SWIFT(BIC): DEKTDE7G (Handelsbank Munchen, Name: Veldkamp)
United Kingdom: UKP 22,99 to Account number 29379892 / UK sort code: 23-14-70 (Transferwise, London, Name: Veldkamp)
U.S.A: US$ 31,99 to Account 8310013180 / ACH Routing no 026073150 (Transferwise, New York, Name: Veldkamp)

Q: What if the signed CDs are all sold out when I place my order?
A: When the first batch is sold out, you will no longer be able to order signed copies. We will not send you an unsigned copy if you ordered a signed one.

Q: I don’t want a signed copy, I just want a plain CD without any writing on the cover. Is that possible?
A: No problem, you can order an untouched copy of Destination Amour from our webhop. You will regret this eventually, but it’s up to you 😉

Q: I would like to order more than one copy, how do I do that?
A: If you want your copies shipped to different addressed, please place seperate orders. If you would like to order more than 1 copy, please order through our webshop.

Q: I would like to order more Vive la Fete items and combine this with my order of Destination Amour. How do I proceed?
A: Please select all items you would like to order in our webshop.

Q: Will Destination Amour be released on vinyl?
A: That’s the plan, but we don’t have a release date yet.

Q: Can I get a personalized message on my signed copy of the CD?
A: Unfortunately, that’s not possible for logistic reasons.

Pre-order your signed copy of Destination Amour now for only EUR 22,99 ** Includes world wide shipping!