2013 (CD) *Signed by Els & Danny


2013 (Signed CD)

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Signed in person by Els and Danny! (limited stock)

After “Produit de Belgique” we didn’t feel like to let time go by because we still had a lot of inspiration where something could be done with. We decided to get back in the studio. It was an intense experience and after some time we came out with the brand new “2013″
This time we wanted to make music as we did in the early years of Vive la Fête, just the two of us.

Back to basics!

We believe it’s very important to stay close to your inner’s therefore that the songs become honest and pure. There was a strong impulse to keep it simple and sober and only thinking of our own feelings and taste. We wrote it for each other in the first place.

The result is an alternative and wilful record because we like that. We’ve done everything ourselves, lyrics, music, recordings and production. Ben Brunin shared our enthusiasm and added some remarkable bass tracks.
“2013″ This is the sound of Vive la Fête in 2013 !

– Danny and Els in 2013

1. La Vision
2. Alexandrie Alexandra (Claude François)
3. Je Souhaite
4. Oiseau Bleu
5. Diva
6. Mea Culpa
7. Le Diable
8. Ping Pong
9. Demain
10.1. Tics Nerveux
10.2. Untitled

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