In 2020 Els and Danny spent a good time sorting out their entire back catalogue. Going through all the albums and singles they came across some unreleased materials and unfinished demos that were all used for the digital re-releases of all their albums. The ‘special editions’ of all Viva le Fete albums are available in digital format on all major streaming and download platforms.

Going through the archives gave inspiration for the creation of Viva Alternativa: A brand new album, released in digital format and, by popular demand, as limited edition CD.

Viva Alternativa contains a juicy collection of new songs, electrifying reworks, surprising cover versions and exciting new remixes. Some of these tracks have been released before, but are hard to find – thus here they are in their full glory for you to enjoy and dance to!

  1. Pas Changer
  2. Amoureux Solitaires
  3. Nuit Blanche (Remix Jan de Ryck)
  4. Mots Bleus (Remix Jan de Ryck)
  5. Porque te Vas
  6. Devenir Gris (Fade to Grey)
  7. Vivre sur Vidéo
  8. Les Marionnettes
  9. Soixante Neuf
  10. Toi Tourne Toi (New version)

The album has been released on August 26, 2021. It’s avaialble on all major download and streaming platforms and is avaialble as limited edition CD through this website and Bandcamp only. Order NOW and get your CD signed in person by Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens.

Viva Alternativa is EUR 25 including FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING.


Vive la Fete - Viva Alternativa CD

Vive la Fete – Viva Alternativa CD

Possible questions you may have:

Q: How much is shipping to my country?
A: Worldwide shipping is included in this special offer!

Q: What if the signed CDs are all sold out when I place my order?
A: When the signed CDs are sold out, you will no longer be able to order it. We will not send you an unsigned copy if you ordered a signed one.

Q: I would like to order more than one copy, how do I do that?
A: If you want your copies shipped to different addresses, please place seperate orders. If you would like to order more than 1 copy, please order through our webshop where you can also add other items.

Q: I would like to order more Vive la Fete items and combine this with my order of Destination Amour. How do I proceed?
A: Please select all items you would like to order in our webshop.

Q: Will Viva Alternativa be released on vinyl?
A: We hope so. It’s not easy these days though, so don’t hold your breath… but we try.

Q: Can I get a personalized message on my signed copy of the CD?
A: Unfortunately, that’s not possible as Els & Danny sign the CD’s before shipping them to Tracey the Merch keeper.

Pre-order your signed copy of Viva Alternativa now for only EUR 25 ** Includes world wide shipping!