Destination Amour (CD) *Signed by Els & Danny


Destination Amour (signed CD)

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CD in gatefold sleeve, signed in person by Els Pynoo & Danny Mommens. Limited quantity!

Since 1997, Vive La Fête is one of Belgium’s international values in the Fashion and music scene. 21 years later, Els & Danny, the most lovingly music-couple, created a new album, “Destination Amour”.

This album is the result of several years of hard work. Ideas were created, sketches were made, some were thrown in the waste bin, but the best ones survived and resulted in 13 great new songs.

The creation of “Destination Amour” can be compared with the never-ending search for the perfect love, with rough, soft and easy moments, mixed with the typical Vive La Fête sound.

The Result, “Destination Amour”!

  1. A Paris
  2. Toute la Nuit
  3. Tourterelle
  4. Samedi Soir
  5. Mots Bleus
  6. Impossible Amour
  7. Destination Amour
  8. Couche-toi
  9. Pousse Pas
  10. Fous de Tout
  11. C’est Débile
  12. Jamais Oublier
  13. Destination Amour – Monks Mix (Bonus track)
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